Payment Gateway Solutions in Udaipur

Payment Gateway Solutions in Udaipur

Providing leading-edge Payment Gateway solutions to clients and transforming the digital space.

Online Payment gateways are the first step in the online payment process and that is nowadays an important tool to strengthen your business, and they have been instrumental in helping eCommerce companies and online payment providers to easily accept more transactions in this busy time your customers will be happy to use such facilities.

The best payment gateway serves as payment terminals for online and mobile vendors, and online terminals of front-end processors. They often sell bundled services including payment acceptance, data reporting, and fraud management.

Insider Intelligence expects that as the volume of global retail eCommerce is increasing, the revenue of companies processing these payments may grow from $ 82 billion in 2018 to $ 138 billion in 2024.

At Webtech Softwares Pvt. Ltd. we provide end-to-end online payment solutions having more than 10+ years of experience in Integrating all kind of payment gateways from all over the world, which are built on robust and a technical infrastructure that comply with the demands of businesses in vertical areas.

Over the last two decades, our experts have gained an in-depth knowledge of the global payments industry, which is constantly evolving with the ever-changing space. With a special focus on security, performance and efficiency, we provide customized financial services / payment management solutions according to specific financial needs and can build payment gateways similar to PayPal, Paymonay, etc.

As a payment gateway company we integrated.

Payment Gateways

1. PayPal

PayPal Holdings, Inc. Is an American company that operates online payment systems in most countries that support online money transfers, and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders. It was founded in 1998 in Palo Alto, California, United States.

PayPal Payment Gateway

PayPal’s payment gateway can help you process recurring payments automatically. You can also add additional security and security tools with buyer authentication through Verified and Visa and MasterCard SecureCode programs.

However, you can stick to only a couple of the most popular payment gateways to not impress the customer. Shopify Payments (Striped) and PayPal are the most popular payment gateway shoppers.

2. Payumoney

Payumoney is a payment solution for individuals and unregistered businesses in India. It is a payment gateway for websites and applications. Normal users can pay for their movie tickets, flight tickets, travel, hotel booking, shopping, prepaid mobile recharge etc.

Payumoney Payment Gateway

The best thing is that they have a very good support team, once i fail the payment (money is deducted from my bank account, but the credit is not given to the merchant) the support team has provided 24 hours Returned my money inside, which was good. Payumoney offers discounts of up to 5% on every transaction.


Authorize.Net is a United States-based payment gateway service provider, which allows merchants to accept credit card and electronic check payments through their website and Internet Protocol connections. It was Founded in 1996, Authorize.Net is now a subsidiary of Visa Inc. is one of the safest gateways out there, and has helped merchants accept online payments since 1996. In addition, they provide fraud detection suits for all new merchants, which helps ensure that you are processing in the safest.

4. Paytm

Paytm is an Indian multinational technology company that specializes in eCommerce, payment system and financial technology company. It was founded in 2009 by Vijay Shekhar Sharma.

Paytm Payment Gateway

Paytm provides a platform for merchants (apps, websites, shops, stores) to accept money through multiple devices such as UPI, net banking, credit cards, debit cards and Paytm wallets. Over 7 million merchants use Paytm to accept money from their customers in their shops or on their apps / websites.

5. CCAvenue

CCAvenue is a leading payment gateway service provider, authorized by Indian financial institutions to appoint deputy merchants. It enables e-commerce websites to sell products and services online and accept payments in real time.

The CCAvenue checkout option is available on more than 85% of websites in India. Be it buying air or bus tickets or booking hotels or mobile recharges or simply shopping on thousands of portals. checkout profile during all your purchases. Whenever or wherever you shop, simply wind up with your online payment.

6. First Data

First Data Corporation is for credit and private label card issuers, providing secure and innovative payment technology and services solutions to merchants, including small and medium-sized businesses, First Data Connect manages all of your interactions with credit card processors and financial institutions and government agencies around the world.

7. Citrus

Citrus is a new UPI app that allows you to make payments via direct account transfer. All transactions are secure because you will only share a virtual payment address with us, ensuring that your money is in safe hands. We make digital payments simple, fast and secure for our 800 million strong user base.

8. Razorpay

Razorpay is the only converted payment solution company in India that allows your business to accept, process and make payments through its product suite. With Razorpay, you have access to all payment modes including credit and debit cards, UPI and popular mobile wallets. Razor Pay was founded in 2013 by Harshil Mathur, Shashank Kumar.

Razorpay Payment Gateway

9. BillDesk

On BillDesk you can pay your bills and make other payments online in a safe and convenient way. Billdesk will present your bills electronically to you, including your telephone bills, electricity bills, cell-phone bills, credit card bills, ISP charges, and others.

BillDesk is protected using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. This ensures that your account numbers and personal data are never sent to the unencrypted Internet. All online information is exchanged between you and BillDesk via the Internet.

10. Direct Pay

Direct Pay is simply a new payment method that DPG will use to pay creditors through ACH credit. ACH is an acronym for Automatic Clearing House, an electronic network used to process bank-to-bank transactions. ACH credit occurs when the money is electronically deposited into a creditor’s account by a DPG.

11. Mobikwik

MobiKwik is an Indian company established in 2009 that offers a mobile phone based payment system and digital wallet. Customers add money to an online wallet that can be used for payment. In 2013 the Reserve Bank of India authorized the company’s use of the MobiKwik wallet, and in May 2016 the company began providing small loans to consumers as part of its service.

12. Instamojo

Instamojo is a Bangalore based company, which aims to sell digital goods and collect online payments. Instamojo offers a range of solutions for today’s Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Freelancers. In simple words, you can use it to sell any digital goods and collect payments.

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